Jevon 'Vawn' Sims

Vawn shares how the show changed his perspective, why he rejected Alex, and what about him you still need to learn.

on Oct 30, 2013

On to Africa's show. . .

I was excited for Africa and glad to be a part of the show. I couldn't wait to hear the song the Jazzy, Gasner, and myself wrote for the Lipstick Junkies performance. It was great! They sounded great, the band was rocking, and everyone on stage looked nice! This is what it's about! When Africa dropped the mic, I watched closely to see what she would do. How would she handle a mistake onstage, on TV, in life? Pick it up and keep going!

In the midst of the show, I looked down at my phone to see Alex texting me. She wanted me to come to the back. I didn't know what I should do, but I felt like it was time to get some clarity in our friendship. As I walked down the steps, I didn't know what to expect. I was surprised to see her in a limo, with flowers and champagne. . .she looked nice. I love a confident woman who knows what she wants, and during our last conversation she seemed very sincere. This made my decision tough, but it was the perfect time for me to make a grown man decision.

This is a young lady who is pouring everything out to me. I didn't know what to believe because she likes to play games, but when she looked at me, she seemed very sincere. I wanted to let Alex know that I appreciated her efforts, and what she did was flattering. However, I gave my word to Africa. Even though Africa and I are just friends, I didn't want to see tears run down her face again. I knew this would destroy her. The last time I hurt her, it was a grey area for me. This time, I knew exactly how she would feel if I did this tonight. But as the man that I am, when I give my word, I mean it. So I had to respectfully decline.

I've learned so much about myself while watching the show. Even though you are honest and upfront with someone, they can change their feelings at any moment because they haven’t experienced those feelings in 3D. I was confronted with another inner battle: Jevon doing the right thing, versus Vawn being single and doing what he wants to do. I do have that right, but once you hear your friend's pain, it's time to step up and make better choices. Man, I knew Alex was upset and I felt bad, but Africa is worth more than just one night. I had to put my friend's feelings in front of my lust. I was thinking about the future, and building our friendship.