Jevon 'Vawn' Sims

Vawn thinks Tribble put words in his mouth, and that his honesty policy still stands.

on Oct 8, 2013

Before I get into the episode I want take a quick poll. Ladies: Would you rather have a man tell you the truth from the very beginning, before you have had sex? The truth about what his feelings are for you, where he is mentally, and what you can expect from the relationship. Or would you rather have a man tell you he loves you; he wants a family, he wants to be married, and commitment is his number one value, and then you find out later it is all lies and he cheated with every woman he could. Which one would you want?

Most women don't value the truth until they are tired of being lied to. I've been the guy that lied and cheated a very long time ago. After I saw the tears and the pain I had caused, I decided I would never be that man again. A man does not need a woman first, he needs God first. Once he has a strong relationship with God, God will give him the strength to fight all the temptations of the world, and it still will be a challenge. There is nothing perfect but God himself.

Now on to what happened on this week's episode. I had a town hall meeting at the Buckhead Bottle Bar with men from all ages and ethnicity's talking candidly about how they, as men, really feel about women and relationships. I did this so I could give women the unique opportunity to be the so called "fly on the wall" and give them chance to hear what men really think. And I really wanted them to hear it just like this, raw with no filter. I feel like women need to hear things from a man's perspective especially if we are telling the truth, even if they don't like it. Women talk to their girl friends about their feelings and relationships. Men naturally keep it all in. I'm not saying this is all men, but a good majority of them.