Tribble's Sorry He Got Out-of-Line

Tribble apologizes for the fight -- but not for standing up and defending Emily or for speaking his mind.

So this is a little combo blog from last episode and this episode. I was out of town for the night that everything went down at the club with Vawn and Africa. To sum it up, I am starting to see Emily get a feel for what Vawn is really all about. The conversation on her deck gave her some one-on-one time and gave him a chance to be straight-forward and her to actually hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Anyway, when we start off this episode, you get to see me doing the damn thing on the football field. I really do love sports and they are my getaway from all the drama that happens in my life. Even though it is just a local flag league, I still get REALLY competitive. I can't help it. But with that being said, I think that was the only game that we won because our team likes to go out Saturday night before our Sunday morning games, thus resulting in a really hungover football team. But what can you do.

I guess y’all also got a chance to hear what my FIRST name is. Yes, it is Herbert. Herbert Tribble Reese. I have always gone by Tribble and I have grown into it. Herbert, ehhh, not so much. So the secret is out.

I was excited Emily came to the game with Chris. Apparently she was the good luck charm. We also got to talk about Vawn’s seminar that is coming up. Definitely going to be an interesting event now that he is going to include men AND women to be in the audience.

The whole scene with Vawn and Africa at the studio was crazy to me. I feel that Vawn might have known that he messed up so he came in on the defensive already. He flipped the script on her real quick and almost tried to turn it on her. She let him do it. This scene just boggled my mind how she was so receptive to what he had to say, but props to Vawn, that dude is smooth.

Let’s get to the meat of this episode, which was Vawn’s “Man U All” seminar. Let me just go ahead and say that I, in no way meant to disrespect Vawn, any of his board, the event, or anything else. I am truly a lover and not a fighter, and things got heated, quickly that night. But, I am a man of character and I will stand my ground on what I believe. Even though Vawn and myself have different opinions, I still wanted to say what was on my mind and I felt that I wasn’t really given the chance. I know that it was his event that he put on, but I felt that some of the members of his panel were a little rude to Emily, and I wanted to speak up for her. I was honestly about to leave the room until I heard what they said.

With all that being said, I felt that even some of the women in the room had crazy opinions on how they should be treated. It is evident that the world we live in today is very different than it was when I was growing up in Alabama ten or 15 years ago. It is almost scary to me, but I am going to remain the man that my mom and dad raised me to be.

I was also disappointed in what Africa said about me being out-of-line. I realize that she chose Vawn in the beginning and that’s fine, but I don’t think it was her place to call me out as the one “being out-of-line.” Both Vawn and I were out-of-line because we let our emotions get the best of us. I am sorry of how it went down, and it is completely out of character for me to get like that, but I will stand by that I WILL stand up for what I believe in, even if I am in a room full of people that disagree. I wasn’t trying to force my opinions on anyone, but simply wanted my voice to be heard.

Thanks for reading and as always, feel free to check me out on Instagram (@tribblereese) and Twitter (@tribblereese). I’m always on those and will be able to get back to you faster. God Bless!


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God Bless, Vawn Should Move On

Emily's glad Vawn accepted Tribble's apology but wishes he could really let it go. Meanwhile she's moved on from Justin.

Well, it's been a wild ride but a very fun one! Thanks so much for tuning in each week, I hope you enjoyed the season!

I, of course, had to check on my boy Herbert! It was interesting to see Vawn and Africa's conversation and then mine and Tribble's conversation about what happened at the seminar. For the record I do not want to date Vawn but I just don't like men treating women like s---. End of story!

Once again Alex and her rave gear -- a joke. No, I will not put your "gear" in my shop that you bought somewhere else. Not how that works.

I am SO glad Emily and I made up she is my best friend. I had to step up and say something, we don't fight like that. She and I are still best friends, but she does not work at the shop anymore. It was very clear to us that we cannot jeopardize our friendship for a job.

Tribble's apology to Vawn was very sincere. Even though Vawn said he accepted it and move on -- God bless, he has not put it behind him. Vawn was out-of-line as well and he didn't say sorry for his actions. Wish it didn't get to that point, but it did.

I was just at home doing work when I hear a knock at the door, it was Justin! I was shocked! I know I hurt him and he hurt me but we had to stay away from each other for a while. We had a rocky end but he needed to know the truth, I'm not in love. We have both moved on and we are cordial when we see each other out.

I love the Lipstick Junkies! Their show was so cute and so much fun! I am so proud of Africa, they did a fabulous job!

But um, did Alex seriously show up to Africa's show?!? She has got some balls to show up like that. I don't know why Vawn left Africa's show but I am so proud of him for not going with Alex! They seem happy together so I wish them the best.

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