Tribble Reese

Tribble shares what he thinks of Vawn's theories on dating, Emily and Justin's relationship, and Alex's attitude.

on Oct 8, 2013

So let me just say that I have had a front row seat for the whole Emily/Justin relationship, and it has been tough -- for all parties involved. I have always served as the middleman between the two, and it just sucks. Justin is a little right in the opening scene when he says that Emily likes to keep him on the "fishing line" and then to reel him in whenever she wants him around. If Emily found out that Justin had cheated on her, she probably could have found a better situation to bring it up than when they have both been drinking. They both, from what I can tell, really have a love in their heart for one another, but it's tough because they are like oil and water. I'll also say that both are awesome people, and even though you, as the viewer, might be only seeing the drama that unfolds between the two, there are sometimes when the two of them together is beautiful.

I have one thing to say about Africa's conversation with her friend while getting her hair did, and that is that even though you kicked me to the curb, you do you boo boo. Don't worry about what everyone else says about what you "should" be doing. Age is just a number and you are success in your own right. If you want a family, it will happen, in your own time. Rant over.