Gregg Butler

Gregg gives the scoop on Jackie's new girlfriend, and what to expect this season!

on Apr 15, 2008



Welcome back to another season of Work Out! I know the faithful have been patiently waiting for our return and we are back in full force. I know the drama cravers will be more than satisfied with what there is to offer this year. Lots of fights! Everyone is fighting. Yes! Jackie's got a new girlfriend, so plenty of kissing to be seen in the next few weeks, I'm sure. As long as both sides are represented, you know. Trainers have moved on to continue to pursue professional goals and others have made lives as fitness professionals. That difference will be on full display this year, I think. This year's show will focus on how the big blond lady's life may never be easy. It's funny to see the older trainers this year. They have all fallen into their patterns of behavior. So much so, it makes them seem a little crazy. I love my man Brian Peeler - he is a real positive cat, but when Jackie's a topic of conversation all he's got to say is "She don't like me." Yeah homie,  I know. So if you want to have a F-JW party, you know who to call. And Becky. Well, all I'll say is there is something bothering you...