Gregg Butler

Gregg gives the scoop on Jackie's new girlfriend, and what to expect this season!

on Apr 15, 2008

Big Greg Plitt. This cat is crazy. I'm not real sure where he came from. I heard what he said (Baltimore and whatnot), but that's not what I mean. He just appeared one day and started being huge. I can't knock his hustle. Greg runs his own show and I think that's dope. He doesn't censor himself so watching him just cracks me up. It's good to have a dude like that around. As far as your boy goes. My life changed a lot over the last year. I'm not training as much as i got more career opportunities as a working musician, so I fell a little out of the loop. There are plenty of new faces around Sky this year and they seem to be picking up right where others left off. That's really the way it is in the gym, though. Have you ever gone back to your high school and everything seems familiar, but smaller? The kids all seem different, but you know there's probably all of the same table segregation (however terrible it is) or whatever. Well, Sky Sport is exactly like that. Really no different at all. More on that next week.

We got a lot to talk about over the next few weeks...

Much love, gb