Brad Goreski

Brad thought he had seen the true wrath of Taylor. He was wrong.

on Oct 8, 2008

I have had the pleasure of spending time with Rachel's family and they are all really terrific people. I met her sister Pamela a couple of weeks after I started working for Rachel. Pamela is amazing - she has an infectious laugh, she is an incredible mom to her two kids, and she's very supportive of Rachel. I could see right off the bat how close they are and how much they rely on each other. I think Pamela really helps to keep Rachel grounded in the same way that Rodger does. I also had the pleasure of going out with Pamela at the after party for the Webby awards in NY, and let me tell you, girl can dance. We had sooo much fun!

Rachel's father is the epitome of a gentleman. He is amazingly sophisticated and impeccably dressed at all times. I would say his signature is a pocket square - he is never with out one. And Rachel's mother (who you do not get to see in this episode) is divine - elegance and grace personified. I believe that she is Rachel's style icon. The vintage costume jewelry she has would make your head spin. But aside from appearances and style, it is obvious that their sense of family and their love for each other is so strong. Not a day goes by that her parents or her sister or her nieces and nephew don't call to check in on her or just to say they love her.

When Rachel's Uncle Jerry died, I felt so terrible for her. She found out that he was very ill when we were in NY for fashion week and I am so glad she was able to go to visit him while we were there. He passed away after she got back to LA, but I think being able to see him before he died brought her some peace.