Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski tells all about his flood freak-out.

on Sep 16, 2008

I have to say I was a little surprised when Rachel gave me the first strike. I understand that she did not think that I acted quickly enough, but I did have the contractor called right away to assess the situation. We later found out that the water heater was leaking. Everything is a learning curve and I realized that the only thing I could do was take Rachel's advice to "react quicker."

This advice came in handy when Fedex did not show up on Saturday, the day of Debra's final fitting and the day before the SAG awards. Rachel was unhappy with the options for Debra and wanted me to hustle some more dresses, which I did and I had AMAZING stuff coming. Fedex usually comes at 12:00pm on Saturday so when 12:30pm rolled around and there wasn't one box, I got really nervous and called Fedex (which I have to do more than you would think. I call them A LOT). Due to the severe rain we were having at that time, the planes had been grounded and my packages were stuck in Tennessee.

I was freaking out because we basically had no new options to show Debra, with only a few hours before the final fitting. Huge disaster! I began calling some of my contacts to see if they could help me, but with the awards the next day most gowns were out or already spoken for. I was sooo surprised when Fedex appeared at the studio door with all of my packages. I have no idea how they got from Tennessee to LA in such a short time or whether they were ever there, but the point is they arrived and Debra was going to have new options to try. As for the wet dresses, miraculously there were only a few with permanent damage, the others dried beautifully.