Brad Goreski

Brad talks Paris Fashion Week, vintage shopping with Rachel, and handling a crisis back home.

on Oct 6, 2009

I knew that this trip was not going to be drama free. We were doing a big ad job and the clients were not happy with the selections we had sent them. What you don't see on this episode is that I was spending most of my nights into the wee hours sending images of dresses that fit the description of what they were looking for, but with every batch I sent they wanted to see more. Then the selection of dresses we had in LA turned out not to be in the direction they wanted to go in, so we needed to get more. Luckily Erin Featherston was in NY with her entire collection and I went to her suite to pull the perfect party dresses. She really helped save the day. In the US, Taylor was also getting more options. What actually ended up happening is while Taylor hustled dresses, I had a seamstress make sketches of dresses that fit the criteria of the client, they were sent to the client, approved, fabric swatches selected and approved and then the dresses were made and ultimately used in the campaign. Conflict - resolution! It was a major international team effort ... that's for sure.

I felt really bad that Taylor wasn't with us in Paris because literally the entire team (including Marisa and Joey) had been uprooted to Paris. I am still super grateful to her for letting me go in her place. There was definitely a void without her there - she would've had fun ... in her way. We were really looking forward to spending the time together outside of our spots at the glass table in the studio.