Brad Goreski

Brad talks about his new friendship with Taylor, the desk situation, and the stress of award shows!

on Aug 24, 2009

Hi everyone.

It's been a year since you last saw us and a lot has happened, and a lot is still the same. I have been promoted from Rachel's Assistant to Associate and I have settled into my position very well. The biggest change has been my relationship with Taylor. After the fight we had in the last episode of season one, we both made an effort to try to work as a team and to communicate more effectively with each other. Things are great ... for the moment. We still have our days, but for the most part we are getting along really well as you can see from tonight's episode.

We are now working in a new studio space, which is incredible. I do miss working out of Rachel's house, but it is nice to have a space that is actually equipped to do fittings (and I also wanted to leave all those bad memories behind).

This brings me to the desk situation. Now, I know that we come across as "bratty" in this instance, but you have to understand that we work in this space every day and have established certain routines that work for us. Neither of us wanted desks - we like the glass table. Taylor has her spot and I have mine. We are creatures of habit, but more importantly, having the desks upstairs is a pain because everything that we need access to is downstairs. We spend the majority of the morning returning and tracking down samples, so to be upstairs means running up and down the stairs every time a request comes in, which happens a lot. We thought it would be funny to set up the desks like an office, not to disrespect Rachel, but to make her laugh about the situation. Well, it didn't make her laugh, but we did get to keep our spot downstairs. We just make sure it is tidy at all times.