Brad Goreski

Brad talks about his new friendship with Taylor, the desk situation, and the stress of award shows!

on Aug 24, 2009

Ohhh the Globes. Five girls, five dresses, no time and no gowns. It was such a cluster f---. Before I left for Christmas vacation, I sent a list of all of the designers that had confirmed that they would be sending gowns before the New Year, only to come back from vacation to find that very few had been sent and the gowns that were delivered were definitely not going to make Rachel happy. So we had a big problem. We had less than a week until the Golden Globes and no good gowns, so we spent all day every day in fittings and hustling gowns, gowns, and more gowns. I think we probably saw every single dress out there. On top of there being no good gowns, we didn't have the right shoes for the gowns that the girls had selected to wear. It was one thing after another ... thank god the jewelry was great.

On the day of the Globes, Taylor and I were all over the place starting at 10am. I went to Anne's house and got her set up while Rachel was at Cameron's, then about an hour before they had to be on the carpet we planned to switch so Rachel could be with Anne to finalize her look. Luckily this time I was the one who steered clear of last minute disasters: Taylor had the spot on Eva's white Dior dress and Rachel had an alteration snafu with Anne's dress. After all of the drama and lack of dresses, the girls looked beautiful and wore some of my all-time favorite looks. Cameron in the pink Chanel Haute Couture was beyond stunning.

As is tradition, we all gathered back at the studio to watch the red carpet and Taylor wasn't there. I had a feeling she might not show up, because she had told me earlier in the week that she probably wouldn't. Taylor is an extremely hard worker, but once the job is done, it is done. She doesn't feel the need to watch the red carpet or celebrate, its just another job to her, not a special occasion and I totally understand that. Rachel was clearly hiding the fact that she was upset that Taylor wasn't there, but what can you do. I guess I just didn't realize that it was the beginning of a bigger problem in the Zoe Camp.

I hope you enjoy this season. It gets better and better. Oh, and thanks to everyone for your Facebook messages and Tweets. It's fun hearing from all of you.