Brad Goreski

Brad talks about his fab time at Fashion Week, his meet with Mr. Armani, and Team Zoe's gown crisis!

on Aug 31, 2009

I felt so bad when Taylor told me she was leaving New York. She flew all the way there and barely had any time to see or do anything other than pull from stores, which was a futile exercise in the end. She was right about the fact that she probably should've stayed in LA the entire time. The trip was a complete waste of time. Worse, she found out just after she got back to LA that the shoot was going to be mostly a beauty shoot, which means that the shots are very close up and the clothes are rarely seen. The most that is shown is maybe a sleeve or a strap. Apparently Rachel knew this all along but didn't tell either of us, more importantly Taylor. Considering Taylor was already frustrated and annoyed, it didn't help the situation. Oy!

Meeting Mr. Armani was such a surreal experience because he is such a legendary designer. He was so kind and sweet and his entire team was comprised of the most gracious people I have ever met. His niece Roberta is the essence of chic, refined elegance. She took my breath away! I kind of have a crush on her. Like Rachel says in the episode, "They are a well-oiled machine." No detail slips past them and they do everything in their power to accommodate any request. Such a treat!

We were so excited to hear that the trains for the gown were ready and that the Armani team was going to bring them to Rachel's hotel to see. When the model came out with the first train on, I knew it was not going to work, and that we were in trouble. My heart started beating so fast. I could feel Rachel realizing that her vision might not be the right solution. It was awful ... I knew that I had my work cut out for me.