Brad Goreski

Meet Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe's assistant.

on Aug 20, 2008

What trends do you predict for Fall 2008 NY and LA Fashion Week? I think we're going to see a lot of 1940s deco, and ruffles.

Do you have a game plan when you shop? What tips would you give to someone who is about to embark on a spree? I shop online mostly. I like to shop from the comfort of my own home without a sales person bugging me. I hate it when I go to a store and they don't have my size, but you always know if they have your size when you're shopping online. I never buy retail either. Pretty much everything goes on sale. If you about to embark on a spree, think about what you really need in your wardrobe. Don't just buy things.

Please list your favorite stores to shop at in both NYC and LA. In NYC I shop at Uniqlo, Jeffrey, Bergdorf for Thom Browne. In LA I shop on Rodeo Drive, at Gucci, YSL, Ralph Lauren, Barneys, J.Crew, and Saks for Michael Bastian and Dsquared. When I'm shoppinh online, I go to,, and

What is your favorite styling mishap with a celeb client? Minutes before a client went to an awards show, the zipper split on her dress and we had to change her into something completely different which landed her on the best dressed list.

Are there any phrases that Rachel uses over and over? 1, I mean... 2. I die 3. I'm not mad at this dress 4. Have you seen my blackberry? 5. AmAHzing