Brad Goreski

Brad talks about joining "The Gay Cheerleading Squad" (aka The Glam Squad) for Zoe's photoshoot, and what he thinks of Taylor the bailer.

on Sep 15, 2009


After all of the stress surrounding the Oscars, we were all so happy that Anne was on pretty much everyone's 'Best Dressed' list. She looked so stunning and going to the Oscars with her was an experience I will never forget. Everything went smoothly ... thank God. But no time to rest, we jumped right into a whole series of new jobs, including Rachel's shoot for Marie Claire. The concept for the shoot was for Rachel to be styled in looks that were under $250, which is a challenge in itself, not to mention that Rachel was the model and she had asked me to come as moral support and to "style" her. I am used to being on set with her to help her relax and make her laugh, however, I have never been called on to style her. When we got to the location and started looking at the clothes, I could tell that she was not going to give up control. So I thought I would make subtle suggestions to try to get her out of the way she typically dresses. She was having none of it! So I decided to join in with The Gay Cheerleading Squad, aka The Glam Squad, in helping her relax.

Rachel says that she hates being the model, but there has to be a part of her that loves it - the hair and make-up, the clothes, the pictures in the magazine. It's all very exciting. But on this particular shoot she was very uncomfortable and the shots were not working. We all decided to rally around her to help her turn the beat around and it worked. The shots looked gorgeous and she was really happy. She did wear one of the looks that I put together, but she also wore the dress I thought looked like "granny's nightie." Ugh!

I think that there is this misconception in the Zoe Camp that I LOVE going to events. I probably go to one event per month and it's usually with Rachel. There is definitely a part of me that really enjoys it, but there is another part that considers it work. I know that Taylor doesn't like going to big events, so I go to them. The particular event you saw in this episode for the Byron and Tracey salon opening was different because both Taylor and I go to Byron for our haircuts and on top of that Rachel was hosting, so the feeling was that we were all going together. Taylor even had a dress altered for it. We spent the majority of the week talking about who was going to be there, where we were going to go after, etc. It was a whole thing. On the night of the event Taylor canceled and I knew it was going to be a whole thing ... and I was right! I understand where Taylor is coming from and get why she doesn't feel the need to go out after work is done, but I never thought she would bail on this event.