Rodger Berman

Rodger Berman reflects on Oscar Week with Rachel Zoe.

on Oct 14, 2008

I have to admit, the last episode was hard for me to watch. Being in the house during Oscar week was pure hell. Every year, I threaten to leave for the week leading up to the Oscars and every year Rachel persuades me to stay because she "needs my support." It used to be fun when we'd actually go to the parties the week leading up to and after the Oscars. But for the past several years, Rachel has been too busy before the awards, and afterwards too spent, to go to anything. So, I basically get all the craziness, attitude and chaos in the house without any of the benefits. Sounds like I'm married.

While it may seem crazy to an outsider (or even an insider) that everyone gets so worked up, the Oscars is really the annual pinnacle for Rachel and some could argue for fashion in general. On top of the pressures of working under tight deadlines to find the perfect look, one thing I'd like to highlight that doesn't come through in this episode is the huge amount of pressure and politics that happen from the designers (publicists) for placement.