Rachel Zoe

RZ discusses NY Fashion Week, DVF's line, Armani's empire, and her run-in with L. Lo!

on Aug 31, 2009


Bravotv.com: What do you think of the season so far?

Rachel Zoe: People are loving it, which makes me happy.

So in this episode, you travel to New York for Fashion Week. You bring Taylor, but she's prepping for Jennifer Garner's In Style shoot and has to leave. What happened there?

Well, it goes back to the usual with Taylor. I try to make her happy by bringing her with us so that she doesn't feel like it's always me and Brad going to shows and getting to do that stuff. So I bring her because I think that she'll like it, she'll appreciate it, but ultimately once she's there, she doesn't really care that much to be a part of it. Once the job hits, she gets into that mode, and she's like, 'I'm not even here.' My hopes were that we would prep the In Style shoot during Fashion Week, but in the end she had to leave early to go back for the job. We knew that it was going to be a beauty shoot, but very often with a beauty shoot, you still shoot waist up or sometimes a full shot. But in this case it was going to be more shoulders up.

Were you aware all along that the shoot would be shoulder up? Taylor gets so angry about the lack of communication.

In my experience, even when they say that it will be a beauty shoot, it very often isn't. I like to be extra prepared. I had been prepping the job from New York, and Taylor needed to do some stuff in LA.

How do you decide which Fashion Week shows to attend?

I go to the shows that are either a. very close friends of mine b. new designers I want to support or c. shows of designers I've had a lot of history with or success with, whether it's casual or red carpet. Sometimes I go to shows that are really over the top because I use those for fashion editorials.