Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe gives a sneak peek of what to expect this season, and a look-by-look recap of the five starlets she dressed for the Golden Globes.

on Aug 24, 2009

Tell us about Debra Messing's look.

Debra looked great. I like traditional glamour, and she threw her hair up in a ponytail and had big lashes and wore huge Fred Leighton emerald earrings, which I think made her look more fun and gave it a splash of color. The details added a sort of playfulness to make her overall look a little less serious. Had it been the Oscars, her hair would have been in more of an up-do as opposed to a ponytail.

Cameron Diaz looked amazing.

I can't even actually talk about her dress. Every time I look at it, I kind of freeze up. Because that was just a dream come true. That dress was a Chanel Haute I had never seen before. It was how Karl Lagerfeld did youthful couture, and in hot pink. It was the perfect dress.

Have you ever told Karl Lagerfeld to alter a dress before or --

God no. Hell no. NO! I didn't tell him, I asked. I definitely wouldn't tell him to do anything. But that was a dream. The simple Chanel diamonds were perfect and the clutch was the perfect compliment to the dress. She was just amazing. Amazing. I loved her hair - it was down and soft and young and cool, and that juxtaposed the fact that she was in couture, which is what I love about Cameron. She can do that mix and match, you know, put her personality into anything she wears. She's one of the coolest girls I know. She really is.

Eva Mendes also looked stunning.

That was a moment in time for me. Eva and I sat down before the award season started, and she said, 'This show is important to me. I haven't been seen at the Globes in many years, I really want to do it right.' There was a lot of pressure on me to deliver what would make her happy, what would make her look great and feel great. My favorite part was not only did she go for it with the dress, but she did not fight me for one second on that turquoise necklace. That was the first thing I handed to her, and we didn't even try on anything else.