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Meant to Be

Rachel Zoe answers our questions about Brad's complaining and all the baby talk.

Editor's Note: Rachel's still recovering from Fashion Week (just kidding), but she is uber-busy, so we grabbed a few minutes with her to get her take on this season's finale. Brad’s afraid he’s starting to become like Taylor. He does a bit more complaining than usual. Have you noticed a change?

With Brad’s promotion, he has tenfold more responsibility than before, so it is understandable that he would need to vent sometimes. Overall, he is handling everything like a rock star, and there is no one I’d rather have by my side. Why don't you say no to any projects? (That seems to be Brad and Rodger’s take on why it’s so insane.)

I’m a Virgo to the core! I thrive on doing as much as I can while the opportunity is there. More is more. Honestly, I love every aspect of what I do and am blessed with an amazing team who can handle anything. The Met Ball!

This was such a great return to The Met Ball for me, and attending with Marc Jacobs was such a dream. I wore Marc Jacobs—obvi—and dressed four clients for the event—Kate, Demi, Annie and Eva. They all knocked it out of the park, and I felt on top of the world. You and Rodger get into an argument over taking a blood test. Why did you get so upset? How do you think the whole baby topic was left?

I felt very pressured and snapped. I don't ever do what people demand I do, so I refused. The baby will come when the time is right and its meant to be.