Rachel Zoe

Rachel talks tabloid gossip, modelling for Marie Claire, and Taylor's last-minute ditch.

on Sep 14, 2009


Bravotv.com: How is Fashion Week going so far?

I'm a wreck and exhausted!

How was Fashion Night Out?

Crazy. I hosted something at Missoni, and then I went to Bergdorf's which was basically a fashion riot, then I went to Bally's, and then I had a dinner at the Armani 5th Avenue store.

You're hosting a party for Byron and Tracey? How do you know them and why did you decide to host the party?

Byron is one of my oldest friends. I met him when I first started coming to LA. Byron and Joey are pretty much the people I trust most in my life. My hair and my makeup. But Byron has really been here for ten years or more. He's one of the most brilliant and talented makeup artists in the world, and one of the most humble. I almost insist on promoting him, because he won't promote himself! Tracey is one of the most amazing hair colorists; he pretty much does the color for 80% of Hollywood at this point. They are so passionate about what they do. I played a part in merging their two businesses, and encouraged them to start this joint venture of launching a salon. So when they asked me to host an opening, it was never a question. I generally only host things that are very close to my heart, whether it's a charity, or it's a close friend, or it's a designer that I have a very good relationship with. And it was just very important to me to be a part of it.

And the party went off without a hitch.

It did! It was so much fun. It was such a great time. It was a great night.

So Taylor decided to bail...

Yes, she pulled a Taylor.

Does it bother you when she doesn't come out?

It bothers me sometimes more than others. This one upset me because there was no reason ... it upset me because she's a client of Byron's and there just wasn't a great reason why she couldn't make it. She wasn't sick ... I mean it wasn't about me. It was something that I thought was really important for her to attend, as a friend of Byron and Tracy and of mine. It was certainly not a requirement for her to be there. It's not a requirement, but when I think there's good reason, if she's sick or there's a lot of work going on that night, then of course, it's fine to miss an event. It's not a prerequisite in the Zoe Camp that you have to go to after-work events.