Rachel Zoe

Rachel talks about last year's Marc Jacobs debacle, getting Anne Hathaway Oscar ready, and more!

on Sep 4, 2009

Bravotv.com: So in this episode you're dressing Anne Hathaway for the Oscars. Who ultimately decided not to go with the train on the Armani gown?

Rachel Zoe: Both of us. It really was a decision that Anne and I made. It really was one of those things that in theory sounded better than it actually could be in person. I think that she's just so stunningly beautiful, and I think what happened was that in theory the train is amazing, and adds drama, but in actuality, it just became overpowering. It took away from her beautiful silhouette. It was more of a distraction.

After a big event like the Oscars are there any shows or web sites that you watch or visit the morning after to hear the fashion reviews?

Well we watch the red carpet, and everyone was just raving about Anne. She was everyone's favorite at the Oscars, pretty unanimously, which was amazing. The fashion press outlets and the tabloids both seemed to agree on that, and it was really amazing. I was really happy for her, and happy that everyone loved it as much as we did. And she felt so great, which is always the best thing.

Was it hard scrambling last minute for the dress she wore in her performance with Hugh Jackman?

Oh my god yes. Because that was a very specific dress that needed to have a lot of functionality in addition to looking great. It's not necessarily about what the dress looks like, it has to really feel good, it has to move with her body, and it was extremely important that it worked well from every angle -- that it wouldn't fall when she danced and kicked. So yes, it was VERY stressful. VERY. If I had more time, I would have had something custom made for that.

Were you watching and holding your breath?

Yes, for sure I was.

So you go to the Marc Jacobs Fall Fashion Week show, and last year you missed his event. Did anything happen between you and Marc or was the press just fabricating drama and making something out of nothing?

Well yeah the press always does that. And there's no reason. I was more devastated than anybody. Marc is one of my closest friends, and to miss his show ... it's one of the shows I don't miss under any circumstances. It just so happened that Marc's show started early last year, so if you walked in one minute late, you missed it. Normally he starts two hours late. So it was kind of a shocker. But there was a ton of traffic. It was a mob scene. So from this point forward I'm going early.