Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe discusses her relationship with her husband Rodger Berman.

on Oct 7, 2008

Your sister comes to visit in this episode. What is your relationship like with her?

My sister is my best friend in the entire world. She's three years older and she has two children, who are like my own children. I'm a super-aunt. I'd stop everything going on in my life for my niece and nephew. They're the most important things in the world to me. There's nothing I wouldn't do for them. My sister knows me better than anyone - she's a sounding board for me. We live completely different lives, but somehow we really understand each other so well and it just works. She gives me an incredible amount of support and she doesn't miss anything. If it's an important night in L.A. for me, she's on a plane and she's there. She's amazing. Unfortunately for me, she lives in Florida.

We see you shopping in H&M with your sister. Rachel Zoe in H&M?

My sister is on a very limited budget, and has been for a while. She's a single mom and got divorced a couple years ago. She had a big career before she had kids and she put that aside for some time and now she's working again. Her priority is her children, as it should be. When she comes to see me I'm always about giving her that moment. It's all about, "Get off the plane. Let's get your hair and make-up done. Let's go shopping." I give her all my hand-me-downs too. I'd say that 90 percent of what she wears was mine at some point. Nothing makes me happier than seeing her happy. I love buying her presents and she really appreciates it. She is a mommy and it's a very different life, but she also need to look hot. I think H&M is right on trend and it's one of those things where you go there and you can afford to look great all the time.

You also get some bad news from her in the episode about your uncle's passing. You make the choice not to go to his funeral. How did you make that decision?

That was one of the worst days of my life. My aunt and uncle are actually my great aunt and uncle, my mom's aunt and uncle. My aunt Sylvia and uncle Jerry basically really helped to raise me. They lived five minutes away from me when I grew up in Short Hills, they picked me up from school, they baby-sat me, and they really were instrumental in raising my sister and I when my parents weren't around. I truly believe to this day that they were sainted at birth. They are the most giving, kind people I have ever known in my life. They are the most selfless people I've ever known. My aunt is 90 years old and she works 7 volunteer jobs every day. My uncle was a Vietnam vet and he got a Purple Heart in the war. They were the most amazing people in the world. Actually, the day that my uncle passed away was the day he received the Purple Heart for Iwo Jima. I had seen my uncle a week before in New York and I kind of had a feeling it would be the last time I saw him. He had gotten very sick. I struggled with going to the funeral and I wanted to be there more than anything.
One of the horrible things about living so far from your family is that when crisis happens, it's not so easy to be there. It was probably one of the hardest decisions I've ever made, but when I told my aunt I was going to come and cancel everything, she got furious with me. She said that my uncle would never, ever want me to drop everything and give up my responsibilities to be there and she said she would have been mad at me if I had going. But as soon as that week ended, I got on a plane and I went and spent several days with my aunt. All of it was horrible and there is no way to make it better and I was tormented. I came undone. I'm a very emotional person and I don't let that show too often because I always have to be the strong one. Just yesterday a Sarah McLachlan commercial for animal rescue came on. I mean, there are these abused animals and I'm hysterically crying. Rodger's like, 'what's wrong with you?' In a work environment, I feel I always have to be the strong one. When it comes to something personal like my family, I just can't keep myself together. Regretfully, I didn't keep myself together in this episode, and I felt like I looked really hideous! When I think back to that episode, it's clear I did not know the camera was on, because I obviously checked my vanity at the door.