Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe discusses her relationship with her husband Rodger Berman.

on Oct 7, 20080

Your dad visits you in this episode. He's a very stylish man.

My parents are very stylish. They've always been very ahead. They had this mid-century modern furniture and contemporary art since I was a kid and I never appreciated it until now.

Rodger has a work event and is unable to join you two for dinner. That really upset you, didn't it?

The reason that I was so upset was because of my uncle's death. I really needed Rodger at that time. Rodger and my father are very close. Rodger is very close with both of my parents. It was one of those things where I knew he had a work dinner, but I really needed him. My dad was here for one night only and he never comes to L.A. Of course I respect Rodger's business and his work dinner, but I was just really emotional. Normally I don't care about those things, because Rodger goes to work dinners three nights a week, but I was really falling apart. At that moment, I just couldn't handle being let down.

You celebrated your 10-year anniversary in this episode. You wanted a party, but Taylor didn't really want to deal with planning another event.

Taylor's never psyched to deal with anything like that. She always reminds me that we're too busy.

Did you ever get to have a party?

We had a party in September, which combined our birthdays and our anniversary. I actually threw him a surprise birthday party this past Saturday night. We had about 50 people and he was totally shocked. It was amazing. He thought he was going to a Dolce & Gabbana event, but it was actually his surprise party. It was so much fun.

Your dad also talks to you about prioritizing. What advice did you get from him?

My dad's always right. My dad's my biggest supporter. Like Rodger, he'll always call me out. When I asked him about going to the funeral, he kind of agreed that I didn't need to go that minute, because I had just seen him. But it was hard. It was really hard.


rachel dear, hope you are taking good care of yourself. so love the show and all your wonderful ideas. keep up the great work. bless you


Ilove watching the show,happy to see it's back another season.


Rachel, I have to say how impressed I am with your in depth knowledge of fashion and how you have brought classic style to the stars. I am a designer myself, and really dont have time to watch reality tv, but your show is such an inspiration on how to work through all the challenges and areas that we have to deal with in order to be successful at what we love to do! Thank you!


Rachel I just have to tell you, your show is the first reality show I've ever liked!! You are so sweet. I love the way you don't get mad and bitchy and when taylor and Brad were at odds you talked them and it wasn't a bunch of over blown sensationalism.

thanks for treating people lik epeople even though you're very succesful and famous.

can't wait for season two