Rachel Zoe

What's it like to dress celebs for the Oscars? Rachel Zoe knows.

on Oct 12, 2008



Cameron Diaz just epitomizes cool glamour. In the last two years, she's has some really amazing Dior hits. But she wears a lot of different things. She wears Alexander McQueen, she wears a lot of Philip Lim...she goes across the board. But the great thing about Cameron is that whatever we do, there is always a twist. The look always needs to be made her own. If you take a baby pink beautiful couture gown from Christian Dior, she'll say, "I'm going to wear my hair in a ponytail, barely any jewelry, and very little makeup." And that's what's so amazing about her. Whatever it is, she's going to do what's unexpected. That's the best thing about Cameron. She doesn't do what's predictable, she does what feels right at that moment. Even if you put her in a couture gown, it's still going to look like she just walked off the beach, threw on a gown and a pair of heels, and walked the red carpet. She finds effortless cool. There isn't that much effort. She doesn't take seven hours to get ready. She's very relaxed about the whole process. I love that. She owns her look. Always. There is always something unexpected, whether it's the jewelry, a hot pink shoe instead of an expected black shoe, that's just the way she rolls. That's what is amazing about her.