Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe tells all about her styling process.

on Sep 8, 2008

Bravotv.com: We get to really see your love of shopping. Where are your absolute favorite places to shop in Los Angeles and New York?

Resurrection , The Way We Wore, Decades , and A Little Vintage.

You were dressing Joy Bryant, one of your regular clients. Do you think you mold your client's style or do you take from them?

No, I think that it's a collaborative process. It's something that we really work on together and we look at what it is that they are doing, what it is that they're promoting, what it is that they're feeling at that moment, and their mood. You know, what's going on in their lives, what kind of head space they're in. My clients, all of them, they have different moods just like normal people. You know, you could be feeling a Jackie O moment and then be feeling a Allie McGraw moment in the same week. I think that's sort of the idea and I'm there to bring that together for them.

What is the difference between something you might wear for a premiere verses an everyday look?

I think with a premiere you pull out all the stops. You really go there, full on hair and makeup and jewelry and all that sort of stuff verses a day look that's obviously a lot more casual. That really could be jeans and a great little Chanel jacket or it could be a very daytime kind of dress.

And the dress you landed on for Joy, how did you decide on that one?

The way you see it play out on the show was very realistic. We really didn't have a lot of time. We just tried on a series of dresses and then the night of the event we had gotten that dress in. It was one of my favorites from Zac's show, so we just went for it from there. It was that moment. I love that dress.

In this episode we saw you meet with brand managers to discuss the launch of your line. How did that meeting come about?

We had been with talks with them for several months and then we said, okay, let's bite the bullet. Let's go to the next place and try and meet people who really piece it all together for us because it's a very overwhelming process. It's not just something an agent and a client can do, you often need a third party to connect the dots between the manufacturers, distributors, and everyone else involved.