Taylor Jacobson

It's the season finale, and Taylor's not holding back about what she wants...

on Oct 12, 2009


So are you excited about the finale?

So excited.

Are you going to have a party?

No I have a date.

Who's your date with?

My date is with the guy I'm seeing who I love.

Are you and your date going to watch?


What does he think of The Rachel Zoe Project?


I told him it's not me, just someone who looks like me.

So in this episode Rachel takes you to the QVC set and you go with her to pick out fragrances. Do you like those aspects of the job more than styling?

I have come to realize that I like mixing it up and doing both - styling and working on expanding the brand.

So Rachel said in her blog, "The thing about Taylor is she can talk until she's blue in the face, ' I want this, I want that,' but at the end of the day, she needs to SHOW me that she does want it." What is your reaction?

Did she really say that?! Well maybe she'll be surprised when I quit. Maybe she should actually give me some sort of validation and reward since I've worked for her for so long. Like maybe as a boss she should recognize that her employees want to grow, and that it's a normal feeling to want to advance in a career.