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Love The Walk

Brad Goreski talks about the NY Fashion Week shows and his experience sharing a room with Taylor Jacobson.

New York fashion week was amazing! We worked non-stop, but getting to go to the shows and meet some of the designers was incredible. The whole debacle with my hotel room was crazy. I obviously couldn't stay in a room that was only separated by a door. There was no privacy and I discovered that I could hear every noise on the other side of the paper-thin walls. Finding out that there was no room availability at the 60 Thompson that night was a big problem. My only option was to ask Taylor if I could stay with her, which I knew would not be met with excitement. I didn't think that she'd be into it, but in the end, she let me stay with her. Let me tell you that Ms. Jacobson might have personal space issues, however all bets are off when she's sleeping. I woke up in the middle of the night because I felt something awfully close to me and, yes indeed, Taylor was almost face-to-face with me. I must say she looks like an angel when she's sleeping.

The next day I got my own room and we were all set to begin fashion week. Going to Erin Fetherston was fantastic! The show was so beautiful and there were a ton of options that were perfect for Rachel's clients. The energy of being at a fashion show is incredible. The moment that the lights go down and the first model comes out is really thrilling. I have been obsessed with models for a long time and to see the girls in action was so great. I love the model walk.

Visiting Peter Som and Giles Mendel's showrooms to preview the collections was so cool, and not just because we got to see the pieces before they went down the runway. Peter explained to us where his inspiration for the collection came from. It was a combination of Mad Men and Diane Arbus photos and you could really see that in the clothes with the addition of a youthful, modern edge. The details were incredible - so luxurious, yet so wearable. We actually photographed the blue dress you see on one of Rachel's clients. Mr. Mendel took us through his atelier where we met the amazing women who bring his vision to life. The gowns were from another planet - the soft pleats, intricate details, and delicate laces. They were out of control.

Taylor and I did end up going out that night and we had so much fun. I danced and she kind of bobbed up and down. I can't blame her since she was wearing thigh high black leather stiletto Louboutin boots and a skintight Alia dress. I ended up having to hold her clutch for most of the night. It was Hermes so I didn't mind. When Taylor was called home early to meet with the Tag Heuer executives, I was filled with mixed emotions. I was happy to have some time alone to develop my own work system and I thought it would be good to have some alone time with Rachel. I was completely fine dressing the clients, managing Rachel, seeing shows, etc.

While Taylor was doing jobs on the west coast, I was learning the ropes on the east coast. But in the next episode you will see that I am presented with a huge challenge. I am not about to give anything away, so you will have to watch next week to find out. But let's not rush things. I hope you enjoy this episode.