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New York State Of Mind

Rodger Berman talks about the possibility of a bi-coastal future.

Continuing my tradition of giving my own name to each episode, I'm calling episode four, "New York State of Mind." As you may or may not know, Rachel and I are from the suburbs of NYC. After meeting in college (I was in grad school) at George Washington University in DC, we moved back to NYC and lived there for 11 years before moving out to La La land. We both absolutely love LA and the lifestyle that it offers. The sun, beach and laid-back attitude are hard to beat. For the past six years we couldn't dream of living anywhere else. Lately though, when we've gone back to NYC, I've noticed that Rachel is really starting to miss it. I think the main reason is the intangible energy that NYC has. It makes you feel very "alive." I think it also makes you go a little crazy, as you can see from Rachel's shopping frenzy, which I am not happy about! I can't believe she's on camera telling Brad to lie to me! And then a minute later, he does lie (or at least plays dumb.) Marriage should be based on trust.

But I digress.

Truth be told, I miss NYC as well. My business partner and most of my employees are in NYC, and it seems that my business opportunities are there as well. If you caught the last episode, you can see that I have tons of friends there, whereas in LA, I really only have a few. As Rachel goes further down the road of brand extension, it seems that she needs to spend more time there. All the major fashion companies, designers, publishing and media are in NYC. So what does this all mean? I have a feeling we're going to become a little more bi-coastal in the not so distant future.