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Not A Sleepover Party

Taylor Jacobson admits that she and Brad Goreski have started to become friends. How do you prepare for Fashion Week? Is it your busiest time of year?

Taylor: No, Fashion Week is not our busiest time of year - awards season is. Actually, every day is our busiest time of year. We're busy all year round. It doesn't matter if it's award season or fashion week. I prepare by reviewing the client list so I can properly get them dressed for the shows they attend.

Do you have any down time during Fashion Week to see any shows that you're particularly interested in seeing?

Rachel is cool in that if I want to go do my own thing, or go see a show, I can work it out. So, I mean technically I don't have down time, but if there is something that I would really like to do, I make time for it.

How long was it before Rachel trusted you to shop for certain client looks by yourself?

Rachel and I hit it off immediately, so I've kind of been independently working for her from day one. She knows that I get her style and I'm very intuitive and I understand the client's styles.

You start to warm up to Brad in this episode, you guys have your little sleepover party? I let him sleep in my room. I wouldn't say I warmed up to him.

So what do you like about working with Brad?

Do you know how many people come up to me and tell me I should be nicer to him? Okay, so, Brad. Brad Goreski has great work ethic. Brad has a genuine heart - he really cares about getting the job done. And he has good taste. I think with a little bit more experience, on day he will be a great me. HA!

Do you and Brad ever hang out after work?

I mean - we're starting to, I guess. In New York we got along and we started to cultivate a friendship.

You mentioned you have a boyfriend. How do you balance your professional and personal life?

I have a very understanding boyfriend. He understands that my work is my first priority and he is completely, 100% supportive. It just works. It probably works better because I'm always busy so I don't want to kill him all the time!

Gossip seems to get to Rachel in this episode. Why do you think the media gives her such a hard time?

Because people don't like to see other people do well, and Rachel has done an extraordinary job - she's an amazing stylist. She has a entire roster of A-list clients. People are just assholes. People. Are. Assholes.