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In the Shade

Taylor talks Paris Fashion Week and her love of Ray Bans. Was it hard watching Rachel and Brad at Paris Fashion Week together?

No. I'm happy that Brad went to Paris and got to see the shows. I think Paris Fashion Week is an amazing experience. I would have loved to go, but since only one of us was able to be there, I'm happy it was him. Actually, I think Rachel should have stayed home. Ha!

So you have another studio crisis...

Yes, I had an issue with Lancôme. But I want to say for the record that Brad was very much on the ball, and was very helpful finding dresses. We worked together, I mean obviously we were on different continents and in different time zones, but he REALLY helped out. He really balanced going to shows and handling the workload.

So we meet your parents in this episode. Have they watched the episode yet?

No, not yet. They watch the show live.

Do they love the show?

Yeah, they think it's great. They think I complain a lot. But they're fans of Rachel and Brad.

They give you some advice on how you should handle talking to Rachel about your job and position; did you take their advice and talk to her?

Sure they give great advice, I mean they're my parents. I definitely listen to what they have to say, and I take it into consideration. I think they were right; I really did need to sit down with Rachel and discuss my job. But blah I'm sick of talking about my job and my relationship with Rachel.

Did Rachel bring you anything from Paris?

Yes, an Hermes cuff. It was really nice of her.

But it's not a trip to Paris...

Well yeah, but ultimately in the end it was MY choice, and I chose Brad. I can't really complain about it, even though I probably do. Ideally it would have been nice if all of us went, like we originally planned. But things don't usually work out that nicely around here. So it is what it is.

So your mom has the whole shades inside thing going on...the Ray Bans...

She doesn't take her glasses off.

Did you get that from her? Is that hereditary?

No, I just like the dark. Everything looks a little bit better when it's shaded.