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Birthday Boots

What better way to celebrate The Zoe Report's first birthday than with a pair of Brian Atwood Chain-Back Over-The-Knee-Boots?

Brian Atwood Chain-Back Over-The-Knee-Boots

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Once upon a time, my daily fashion newsletter—most commonly known as The Zoe Report or TZR—turned one year old. That’s right, this week is The Zoe Report’s birthday! And what better way to celebrate than with a phenomenal footwear creation from the same designer I featured on day one (who could forget the Lola)? Fashionistas and gentleman, meet Brian Atwood’s Chain-Back Over-The-Knee-Boots!

As tireless devotees of glamour, Brian and I have always shared a vision for beauty, innovation and attitude…these three unmistakable qualities are manifested in today’s very special shoes that we dreamt up together. From their scandalously high silhouette—make that, thigh grazing—to their stiletto heel and distinctive chain-back seam, they are everything. These Brian-dubbed (such an honor) 'RZ' boots are certainly worth celebrating! xoRZ

Availability: Brian AtwoodChain-Back Over-The-Knee-Boots ($2900). For additional retailer information, visit


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Charles by Charles David
 Model Boot $165

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