Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski reveals what you didn't see about the Milan trip, Ashley, and Johnny Weir!

on Sep 3, 2010

The Oscars went off without one glitch, aside from Demi's dress not being ready until minutes before she left for the red carpet. What we did discover was that we really only need two assistants and since Jordan had been working for Rachel for two years already, that it was only natural that she would become the second assistant. It was nothing against Ashley. We love her and she will always have a place at Rachel Zoe Inc. The truth of the matter is that after the oscars we slowed down a bit and there wasn't enough work to keep three people busy. We asked Ashley to come back in June when I was getting ready to go on a world tour, but she was already booked on another job.

Ashley has now landed a job with a great stylist and is working with some super chic clients. We are still friends and talk on the phone and see each other socially. There is NO drama. She is a hard worker, a great assistant, and a super sweet person with impeccable personal style ... and great hair. 

Johnny Weir ... what is there to say about an Olympic figure skater who constantly pushes the boundaries of fashion on the ice and off? It was such a pleasure getting to work with him over the Oscars. He is so sweet, generous of spirit, and funny. As you can see in the episode we had a lot of fun, which is the way it should be and usually is. When he called me while I was watching the Oscars with Rachel I was more than happy to run down to the studio to grab some more jacket options for him. What a nightmare! Can you imagine being seated at a table with someone who was wearing the exact same outfit as you? Wowza! I am happy to say the situation was fixed, and Johnny and I have remained friends ever since. I consider him one of my "sisters." Love you, Johnny.