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Ask Rachel: Tuxedo Trend

How To Rock The Look


I am obsessed with your entire fall collection — not to mention spring! — but the piece I am most in love with is your tuxedo jacket. Where can I purchase it and what should I wear it with? Thank you! — Stacy via Submit A Question


Love hearing your response to my collection — and the tuxedo jacket just so happens to be my favorite piece right now too! It is currently available for purchase online in white and red, but you can also find it in stores in black (the Tailored Tuxedo Jacket pictured above). For a budget-friendly take on the style, try Topshop's Slimline Tux Blazer or Nasty Gal's Sequin Tuxedo Blazer (sequins = stunning!).

Now, onto the important part: how to rock the look! The fabulous thing about a tuxedo jacket is that it is an extremely versatile piece in one's wardrobe arsenal. You can wear them from the office with a bow blouse and high-waisted trousers, to out on the town over a printed maxi dress. However, they are also a fabulous option to have on the weekend too. Give your off-duty style a suave update by teaming a tuxedo jacket with your go-to skinny jeans, a classic tee and ballerina flats. Next level! Hopefully this gives you some fresh ideas to start, but don't be afraid to think of new ways to interpret the trend. No matter what ensemble you dream up, it's almost impossible to not look luxe in a tuxe! xoRZ

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