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The Key to Change

Jeremiah shares why change can be the right thing and why he doesn't regret working for Rachel Zoe.

Rosanne Cash once said that "The key to change is letting go of fear." That quote has really resonated with me throughout my adult life. My understanding is that change is inevitable, and it's what I do with that opportunity that really matters.

So much of this year for Rachel and Rodger has been about growth. Not only did their family grow and evolve, but their business is changing and growing exponentially. That being said, I knew coming to work for the Rachel Zoe that it would be a challenge to find my place in a company going through such a major evolution.

When I finally got the opportunity to join Rachel on the Elle photo shoot, I was so excited to try my hand in styling. However, I realized a lot about myself and my future that day. I recognized that the passion I have and feel for interior and design and furniture was not organically there for styling. The fuel that drives you when doing something you truly love. . .wasn't there. I also realized that Rachel was not going to need another assistant stylist, which was a harsh but clear realization.

My conversation with Rodger was a tough one. In a perfect world, you want someone to say, "You're great. You work hard. Here's the keys”. But as we all know, it seldom comes that easy. If there's one thing I know, it's to work hard, continue to work hard, and the rest will come.

One of the best things about working with Rachel, and even getting to know her on a personal level, is her recognition of passion. She really believes that your life should be fueled by what you're passionate about. I think it's one of the best lessons she's taught me.

Ironically, this year has also been a huge year of growth for me. Through my experiences at RZ Inc., I found myself and a voice that I lost along the way. I rediscovered a passion that I had lost for a long time. I had the opportunity to try my hand in an amazing new profession under one of the most successful people in its industry. I wouldn't take any of it back one moment.

I know that the future is bright, and I look forward to it. All I'll say is. . .stay tuned . . .