Joey Maalouf

Joey was thrilled for baby Skyler's first shoot and to be a part of RZ, Inc.

on Oct 31, 20110

It's been a very exciting nine months waiting for the beautiful Skyler Morrison Berman to arrive. Rachel bringing him on set for her collection look book shoot was the most fun ever!!! I'm so excited for her to bring him to every set in the future.

Rachel's collection gets better and better every season. She has insane taste, and I was honored to be apart of her team, yet again, doing hair and makeup. The look was so fun to come up with. It was obvi very close to RZ's signature look -- long beautiful waves and a divine shade of red lips. The pictures came out amazing, and Mandana killed it putting all the looks together.


Joey, You are so fun to watch. I am glad you are there for them. I am glad they showed love for all of you at the Bar-B-Q. I much prefer watching shows where people get along and show they care for each other, rather than the nasty House Wives. Keep up the good work and joyful attitude. Love, Ann