Episode 3:'s Associate Editor ponders Kim K.'s boy shorts, birthing plans, and Baby Berman's new abode.

Sep 20, 2011

We open this week with Rachel and Joey discussing Rachel's pregnancy boobs, and really shouldn't every episode begin this way. According to Joey, she's keeping a touch more under wraps that she previously did. I don't recall a time in Zoe history when her nips were out all willy-nilly, but I do have short memory.

Rachel's Gay Hideaway
Jeremiah gets one of his first major tests as a member of Team Zoe -- but it's not styling. He needs to pump up Rachel's three pieces of furniture and fully furnish her new abode (you remember, the ridiculous one from the first episode) before Baby Berman arrives.
And he has ten days to do it.

Can Jeremiah build a home worthy of baby Berman in less than two weeks? Did you watch Million Dollar Decorators? That's a rather daunting task. I mean technically this should be easy because if Rachel had her way everything would be "white, lacquered, and mirrored," because as per Jeremiah and Rodger, she has the aesthetics of a gay man. However Jeremiah wants to create something that pushes it a touch further -- a hot place where classic pieces intermingle with French linens, where babies perch casually on all white furniture, free of clutter.

And then Rodger drops another bomb: "I actually don't care."

Ah, it's all about pleasing Madame Zoe then.