Episode 3:'s Associate Editor ponders Kim K.'s boy shorts, birthing plans, and Baby Berman's new abode.

Sep 20, 2011

A-Doula Matata
Any scene that begins with "Let me call you right back, my wife just walked in with like a full on fur," is bound to be a good one, and thus began our trip with Rachel and Rodger to the doula. Rachel didn't care if she went looking like a hooker to the doula. She doesn't have a birth plan, just wants the tot to appear. Yeah, that's not exactly how it will work, as the doula and Pam explained. But Rachel does get bonus points for knowing what a Braxton Hicks contraction is (no relation to Toni Braxton).

Post doula, Rachel and Rodger needed a little do-over, when things got tense about Rachel's need to control all. You can't blame the woman. She can't even control her body right now, she's a little stressed. But I'm not worried, I think a trip to Vegas/some retail therapy next week will be all this pair needs. What about you guys? Should we switch it up and send Rachel to Vegas and Rodger to Rodeo? Wouldn't that be something?