Episode 2: How many types of gold does it take to make a successful Editors' Event?'s Associate Editor attempts to find out.

Sep 13, 2011

Hey guess what? This Editors' Event: "Basically it's a culmination of Rachel's entire career." Yeah, so no pressure hanging over the heads of Team Zoe this week. Not any pressure at all guys. But like Mandana says, "just let me do my job," so let me go ahead and recap this highly anxious episode for you.

Gilver Hoop Dreams
Under all these surmounting odds, Jeremiah gets his first big test -- pulling jewelry for RZ's event. And then mentions something that was so unbelievable, I almost couldn’t take it. He says he could "build you a house but I don't know what a hoop is." Honey, are you serious? Have you never seen Mean Girls? Don't you at least know that hoops are Regina George's thing? Even if your parents got you a nice pair of white gold hoops for Hanukkah, none of Rachel's models can wear them because it's Regina George's thing.

Just kidding. Pull those hoops in all five types of gold, which yes, as a Persian, or a woman, or as a Team Zoe member you should know.

In the end, Jeremiah was as good as the monkey Mandana almost sent, but Rachel showcased the line sans baubles, which I think was a smart choice. But we’ll get to all that in a second. . .