Episode 2: How many types of gold does it take to make a successful Editors' Event?'s Associate Editor attempts to find out.

Sep 13, 2011

Joey: Whoaaa!
Joseph Maalouf: You are wanted. As soon as Rachel laid her little eyes on her bestie Joey, she wanted to put him in her amazing suitcase and tote him back to the left coast with her. So after he endured getting Rodger's scarf situation sorted (plaid and tweed are fine!), smoothing things over in the car ride to the Editors' Event, and more, Rodg finally laid it out there -- why don't you just come back to Los Angeles with us? Promises of being Rachel’s right hand man and cars withstanding, Joey still had some reservations. Granted, I would have shoved my faux fur vest in the first bag-like vessel I could have found and gotten on the plane, but you know, I’m mobile.

As things progressed, Joey was as indispensable as ever, even perking up a bit to decide how he felt about Jeremiah, which I suppose is why he decided to invite him to a “you best not be trouble” breakfast.

No amount of warm croissants or complimentary coffee refills could smooth over the situation -- perhaps because they fact that they were dressed alike (in matching Drop Dead Fred style outfits). Joey is so suspicious of young Jeremiah, considering couches and dresses are different, but hopefully the little bullfrog while prove him wrong.