Episode 2: How many types of gold does it take to make a successful Editors' Event?'s Associate Editor attempts to find out.

Sep 13, 2011

$105 Jesus Sandals

Watch this, and feel shamed that as a baby you were not so well dressed.


Mother of Invention

So much happens this episode, I have to admit it was tricky to recap. My tiny eyes were too overwhelmed with the splendor of the inaugural RZ Collection. I mean, let’s just talk for a second. I have two words for you: CONTRAST CAPE. And two additional words: SEQUIN BLAZER. The collection was really a knock out of the park, according to my obviously integral to its success opinion, but don’t just take my word for it. Take the words of pretty much every important editor or buyer worth their salt in NYC (including Kate Dimmock, who I interned for once upon a time).

And then it got precious and emotional, when the always delightful Joe Zee snuck in to hand deliver the glorious photo of Rodg and Rach in their John and Yoko finery. This coming a snip moment behind Ken Downing mentioning that the line was a perfect balance. It was all too much! Excuse me while I take a moment to bounce back.


And I'm back. Next week Rachel’s keeping up with a Kardashian! Hopefully while she’s talking to Kim she can also give her some tips to take back to Bruce about his earrings.