Episode 7:'s Associate Editor rejoices in Baby Skyler's birth and his shoe collection.

Oct 18, 2011

Diamonds are for Babies
While Joey is off in Simms City (obsessed with the dress she wore. What a stunner), Rodger is hunting for a push present for Rachel. Instead of letting the hotel staff do it for him, he heads to Neill Lane to find just the right diamond. I was torn about which beautiful bauble I loved most (if your holding a gun to my head it's the earrings), but since Rodger was told Rachel was giving Neill "the finger" he went with the ring. Not a bad choice. I can't wait to see Rach.

Rachel, being a lover of the spontaneous and also the last minute preparation goes into labor early. Of course, this means her superstitious ways have caught up to her and that baby Sky is sans nursery. Hmm, if only there were someone who's a pro at decorating in a snap they could call.

Oh right, Jeremiah

I was so happy to see his shining face, particularly after his sad sack chat with Mandana. It's all going to be ok buddy. You'll find a job that suits your talents, just install this giraffe crib bumper first . . .

Oh and give us a walk through of Baby Berman's wardrobe.