Episode 4: Pop some popcorn per Rachel Zoe's instructions and read's Associate Editor's take on the new Zoe abode and Rodger's trip to Vegas.

Sep 27, 2011

I hope you packed your Prada because this week Rachel and Rodger are on the move. First our boy Rodg, is bro-ing out in Vegas, complete with a chicken finger-filled morning after that I related to on multiple levels. Then the whole Berman brood is packing up and moving to their new digs –- if Jeremiah can fill the house with enough all white furniture in time. . . Let’s get to it shall we.

Orville Zoe-enbacher

This is how Rachel Zoe makes popcorn:

Think about what you were wearing the last time you popped some Orville B.’s, was it a Burberry sweater? Did you have your bestie/assistant there to let you know if it was burning? Probs not. Don’t let it get to you.