Episode 4: Pop some popcorn per Rachel Zoe's instructions and read's Associate Editor's take on the new Zoe abode and Rodger's trip to Vegas.

Sep 27, 2011

Putting Lipstick on a Zoe

Quickly, it’s back to business. While Jeremiah tries to find all the albino homegoods in the world, Rachel is shooting a lipstick commercial and doing additional homework by putting Anne Hathaway in eight Oscar dresses. We quickly find that Rachel should maybe leave the acting to her Catwoman counterpart. Memorizing lines is not nearly as second nature to her as memorizing designer pronunciations. My favorite critique of her acting came from Joey, who gently mentioned “You can’t talk and smile at the same time.” We’re sure Meryl Streep got that same note once Rachel, don’t get down-trodden.

In the end the commercial goes off fine, and Rachel and Rodg retreat to the hotel to stream New York Fashion Week shows in bed and wait for their abode to be built. The most glorious moment of which was most definitely her phone call with the one and only Michael Kors who asked the question that’s on everyone’s mind, “Are you in floating caftans?”

Rachel then explained that she’s Benjamin Button, which makes a lot of sense.