Episode 4: Pop some popcorn per Rachel Zoe's instructions and read's Associate Editor's take on the new Zoe abode and Rodger's trip to Vegas.

Sep 27, 2011

White on White on White

As the legion of Zoe employees feverishly packs her home, Jeremiah is forced to pace in his fedora and await deliveries. As is want to do in these situations, nothing is going right, so far a day bed, two lamps and Joey with coffee is all that has arrived at the house. This is not a good sign.
But after a good night’s rest (or two hours of terrorizing nightmares on the floor of the master bedroom), Jeremiah is feeling refreshed enough to scream some sense into the movers and manage to pull it all off. The Zoe-ettes arrange the closet in descending tank top order, and it’s time for Rachel and Rodger to see the finished product. And. . .

It's the sexiest thing Rodger has ever f—kin' seen!

They love it! Rachel thinks he killed it. Hoorah. Look into her eyes and know that she loves it. What a lovely home Peanut will have.

Next time is Oscar week, Typhoid Mary or not. . . .