Episode 6:'s Associate Editor mourns the Jeremiah's firing but finds solace in sequins.

Oct 11, 2011

Oh sweet darling Jeremiah. We hardly knew ye! You had so much more to give. Let’s recap the three most important (we can’t call them best because this episode weighs heavily on my tiny heart).

Elle on Earth
Rachel's got two more shots before she goes on baby lockdown and they are both doozies. First up is a big summer shot with Elle where we learn the importance of properly accessorizing a swimsuit. Particularly at the Chatueau Marmont pool you should, you should be wearing a full Lanvin necklace, duh. 

As Joey and Jer start the prepping process, Jer gets a little worried about getting left off some emails. While he does look a bit like a homeless moffet, he doesn’t deserve to be left out of the loop or of the jokes. . .

A terrible harbinger of things to come. . .