Episode 1:'s Associate Editor dissects Rachel's new hire Jeremiah and baby ages, and gets to the bottom of who really plays tetherball.

Sep 6, 2011

Welcome back to Zoeville my friends. I've missed our queen so much. And now she's back plus one. That's right Rachel Zoe's packing fashion and one-liners for two so let's dive right in.

No Years Old
We open with Rodger having a little breakfast. We learn a couple of really important things right off the bat. Rodger is apparently a very happy sleeper. The man giggles to himself in his slumber. This is tremendously more adorable than snoring, though perhaps actually more infuriating. Not only is someone keeping you awake, but they're having a jolly good time doing this. Rodg knows his night chuckles mean he needs to fix Rachel her morning sparkling water (plus cranberry, for color) immediately. It's then that Rachel fully explains her feelings on having a boy, and what outfits said baby gentleman will wear.

Baby combat boots! Also No Years Old should be the tag on all baby clothes. "Excuse me do you have this onesie in No Years Old Size?"