Episode 1:'s Associate Editor dissects Rachel's new hire Jeremiah and baby ages, and gets to the bottom of who really plays tetherball.

Sep 6, 2011

Brad Blood
Once Rachel and Rodger make it into the office, Mandana (the new ultimate execu b---h) is trying to keep Rachel in check. She barely mentions Rachel's Muppet jacket before launching into discussion of Rachel's impending Editors Event.The big splashy launch of her new line -- not at Fashion Week because the Zoe would be in labor. After refusing to leave her purse as collateral (smart move), Rachel meanders over to Jordan -- who has taken up Brad’s position in his absence. And apparently his parting wasn’t all goodbyes and bowties.


It goes without saying that I'm heartbroken. The idea of these two being at odds really is heartbreaking. It's sort of like The Beatles breaking up, which segways perfectly into our next segment. . . .

All You Need Is Love Tom Ford Pajamas
Unlike some folks who have naked pregnancy picks (some of Rachel's clients included), Rachel's photos for Elle magazine include Givency skirts and Tom Ford pjs. Rachel does her best impression of Yoko Ono (nothing dramatic -- as Rachel said "We aren't making me Asian"). This scene warmed my little heart. If only Rodger had truly shown us what it was like to be in bed with him by showing of his sleep giggles. But oh the pajamas. If only I ever slept in things so fabulous. Plus the baby was exposed to his favorite odor -- hairspray.