Episode 1:'s Associate Editor dissects Rachel's new hire Jeremiah and baby ages, and gets to the bottom of who really plays tetherball.

Sep 6, 2011

Jeremiah Was a Decorator
So, what to do for a Brad replacement? Mandana has a pal that just might be up Rachel's alley, so he comes in for an interview. And Jeremiah is precious. Like super, duper handsome. Crazy precious. While Rodg is focused on the nuts and bolts of the job, Rachel is using her witch vibe (more on that later) to determine the perfect person. And it looks like Jeremiah has her broom dropping (I learned that from Practical Magic). He has excellent dodgeball skills (not tether-ball because it’s a poor people game) and he's handsome boy/man-child, so perhaps his interior designer background doesn't matter. But with the editors event swiftly approaching (and occurring the same night as a big styling event) Rachel can't afford to be selling wares from a duffel bag (though what a glamorous duffel bag it would be). So she also interviews Ashley. But having more experience and resembling of young Rachel (according to Rodg, I'm not seeing it) might not be enough. Rachel decides to bring Jeremiah back in so she can see another outfit test his vibe. And his one-liners net him the job!

I too have a witchy wonderful vibe about this one. Even if he can't steam to save his life.