Episode 1:'s Associate Editor dissects Rachel's new hire Jeremiah and baby ages, and gets to the bottom of who really plays tetherball.

Sep 6, 2011

Haus of Zoe
Meanwhile Rodg and Marisa decide to check out a house worthy of baby. And this house is anything if not worthy. It’s ginormous. Like fits not just Rachel's clothes, but all the other versions of those items that were ever produced. Rodg is nervous, until he sees the bachelor pool. Then he seems sort of into it, but alas, he swears Marisa to secrecy.

Secrecy over, Marisa tells Rach about the house and of course her witchy vibe kicks in again. I'm not sure you need to be a witch to want this house. I can't imagine a person witch, vampire, undead, or plain old alive, in the world that wouldn't want this $20K a month vision. Did you see that kitchen? I rest my case. I like the looks of this space. Rachel is going to look so fabulous stalking around in it.

Next week, Rachel finds out how C-sections work, and she is not thrilled.