Episode 5:'s Associate Editor covers the stylist war, Anne Hathaway's tux, and the appropriate food for the Oscars.

Oct 4, 2011

Do you feel that chill in the air? No, it's not fall! It's Oscar season. And this week Rachel's not just concerned with outfitting Anne Hathaway so she can outshine that little statue, she's also celebrating an anniversary with Rodger, she's pregnant, and she's sick. Fun times.

The Pam-tervention
We open with Rachel being nearly eaten by her clothes. Also eating her, a New York Post story about a budding feud between her and Brad. I still cannot handle the concept of her and Mr. G fighting. It's like watching your parents struggle. It's simply too much. Rachel feels much the same and tries to head to work to get away. Styling 40 looks for a job doesn't help much. Neither does a nap in her beanie. 

Rodger's solution. A Pam-tervention:

Rachel takes it a bit like she's getting in trouble, but in the end, she knows the fam is right. Once she makes it through the Oscars, it's going to need to slow down just a bit. Just she has to go to this Tom Ford party first. Find the woman some leggings, get her out of the house, and then back home STAT. Rodger would like to spend some quality time with Rachel in that dress.