Rachel Zoe

Rachel shares how mah-jor the WWD shoot, launching her line, and chatting pregnancy with her sister were.

on Sep 13, 2011

This week you're getting a seriously in-depth and exclusive look behind-the-scenes of my fall presentation in NYC -- the scariest, yet most exciting, thing I've ever done in my life. I was so nervous about showing my collection for the first time, I mean, this has been my baby for the last year! Oh, and on top of planning this show -- I have a photo shoot for Women's Wear Daily -- seriously mah-jor!

So, basically the whole team is in New York for three days, and Day 1 is totally freezing. We are on set of the WWD shoot with two insanely gorgeous models shooting a fashion week spread of my fall collection -- talk about jumping in head first! This is totally crazy since this photo shoot is the first time anyone has seen my collection.

Day 2 is presentation day -- easily the scariest day of my life. I've literally never been so nervous about anything! I'm completely terrified hoping people will come, and if they do, will they like it? Thankfully, there was an incredible turn out -- at the end of the day I was surrounded by my friends, my family, my stellar team, and some of my most esteemed industry colleagues. It was perfect! I am so humbled by the positive response, everyone seemed to love the presentation, Women's Wear Daily gave us a great review and my spread got the cover -- no words!